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Posted 13 October 2012 - 08:21 PM

Welcome to SDV!

SDV is a private, contributors only Viggle forum and chatroom. We are THE best forum you can find when it comes to Viggle tips and maxing out all point opportunities daily. The Rizon (IRC) #SDViggle chatroom is part of this site.

It's 100% free to join, however it takes lots of work to maintain a forum like this one and we can't do everything ourselves. All you have to do to join is be willing to contribute a little to our forums biweekly, whether it's making soundclips, helping make VL Q&A lists, letting others know when a trivia question is up in chat, or just being friendly and answer questions. It's not a lot of work, as there are many other contributors and moderators willing to help.

Forum Benefits:

  • Organized daily schedule for Viggle shows + point opportunities
  • Soundclips for all Viggle bonus shows (including some SDV-only exclusive clips not found anywhere else)
  • Several long (3+ hour) soundclips posted daily for maximum watch points and check-out soundclips (less than 5 minutes) to quickly check you out of a show when needed
  • Complete Viggle Live answer lists for all trivia
  • An awesome chatroom with automated bots that give Live Viggle Live answers daily, 24/7.
  • Exclusive news and information on Viggle promos and point opportunities! (The first site to know about most things Viggle!)
  • MyGuy pick lists for most MyGuy's for an easy 1K points!
  • NEW: Contributor only Twitter alerts sent to your phone whenever rewards come back in stock or there are new points opportunities so you can be the first to redeem or catch the latest secret bonus show!
  • Tips and tutorials on Swagbucks and other money making sites and apps that can earn you money in addition to Viggle
  • Fun forums, features and games including various achievements and trivia games in our chatrooms!
  • An awesome community which will answer all of your questions
  • Weekly giveaways & raffles for all your favorite GC's, including Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, and more: we've given out $700+ in gift cards since November 2012!

You must register for the #SDViggle forums and be validated to get access to the members area and everything listed above!

It's easy and only takes a minute! http://sdv.skralg.co...ection=register

Once you confirm your registration by email, an administrator will manually confirm your membership and change your access within 24 hours.
This message will disappear when you have been validated by a site admin.

Click on the images below to see forum images :)

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#2 Guest_Ace_*

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Posted 08 February 2015 - 10:18 PM

Hello ex-Viggle Family --- thinking of you on Grammy night -- I hope all is well in SDV-land.


Ace :)

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